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Behind the Scenes: Dawn Richard's "86" Video

  • 31 Jul 2021 13:24
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Dawn Richard reflects in behind the scenes footage of her new “86″ video.

What you don’t know is that Dawn Richard is a mythical being from another world. Okay, that’s not exactly true but in her new video for “86″, she will take us into her mind for a mini cinematic experience. Just watch this behind the scenes footage of the production to see what I mean.

Richard teamed with director Eugene Lee Yang to help her tell the story of her career journey. However, “86″ isn’t just about the former Danity Kane songstress. Rather, the message of the song and video should help all her fans reach a new level of understanding.

“I’m really excited because I think ["86"] is really powerful,” Richard explained. “It tell you let go of all your boundaries and to fight for what you believe in.” Judging by her rocky road to this point of her career, you should really pay attention to her words.

“86″ is the lead single from Richard’s upcoming GoldenHeart album, which will be released on January 15th. Watch the behind the scenes footage of the video below:


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