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Behind The Scenes: Tamar Braxton's "Love & War" Video

  • 31 Jul 2021 11:20
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Tamar Braxton takes behind the scenes of her “Love and War” video.

Tamar Braxton’s “Love & War” single reportedly sold over 84K copies when it debuted at #57 on the Billboard Hot 100. Yet, it’s difficult to figure out exactly how she spent the money earned from the sales of the song in this new behind the scenes footage of its accompanying video.

Perched in bed while wearing “a very simple, very expensive sweatshirt,” Braxton simply poses for pretty pictures in front of the camera. Could it be that the “Love & War” revenue was funnelled back into whatever force made the song an iTunes #1 hit? Who knows, but I’ll let you do the guesswork because I refuse to get sued.

Read what Braxton had to say about “Love & War” and watch the behind the scenes clip of the video below:

“The concept is about being vulnerable and being sexy. Pretty much about being in a relationship that you are trying to figure out.  I’m wearing a very simple, very expensive sweatshirt. I’m chilling at the house, then me and my husband [Vince Herbert] get in an argument. It’s very narrative. We simply play out the lyrics of the song.”

“There’s a guy that’s in the video but you never see his face. And I did that because the song means so much to so many people that I wanted everybody to picture their man or their mate so they can really feel what the song is about.”

Info via The YBF!


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