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Top 9 Best Digital Piano Under 1000 2021 - Buying Guides

To choose a product fit for your needs, market research is one of the most important steps but also requiring your many hours. So, you may be interested in our Top Best digital piano under 1000 below which collected through 10,072 reviews in June 2021 by our prime experts on famous brands: Yamaha, Casio, Korg.

Maria Lebsack By, Maria Lebsack
10 Jun 2021 13:23
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What type of digital piano to choose?

There are four main types of digital pianos.

- Portable digital piano : Very popular among novice pianists, the portable digital piano consists of a simple keyboard of 61 or 88 keys. It incorporates an amplification system and speakers and is sometimes delivered with a sustain pedal. It must be placed on a stand or a piece of furniture.

- Stage digital piano : It looks like a portable digital piano except that it does not have speakers. It must therefore be connected to a sound system. Equipped with many features and sounds, the digital stage piano is more expensive than the portable piano.

- Furniture digital piano : Consisting of a keyboard integrated into a wooden cabinet, this digital piano looks like upright pianos. It is also equipped with a footswitch, a desk and integrated speakers. Larger than portable models, it is also more expensive.

- Hybrid piano: This piano looks like an upright piano because it has a cabinet. Very sophisticated, it combines acoustic piano mechanics with a digital sound engine. It offers both the touch of an acoustic piano and the flexibility of a digital piano (ability to adjust the volume and play with headphones in particular). It is the most expensive of all digital pianos.

Digital piano: what selection criteria?

Number of keys
There are 61, 76 and 88 key models. If you want to play classical piano pieces, choose an 88-key model, which is the standard number of keys for an acoustic piano. If you want a smaller piano, you opt for a 61 or 76 key model, which will still allow you to play many songs.

To touch
This is one of the most important criteria. The heavy touch, sometimes produced by hammers, is that which comes as close as possible to the touch of the acoustic piano. Light touch (or "ballasted") is the least realistic, but much less expensive. There is a compromise: the semi-heavy feel.

The sounds emitted are digital recordings (samples) of acoustic pianos. The sampling must be of quality to express the nuances of the game. The sound must be more or less strong according to the force with which one strikes a key. For example, if you press a key very gently and a sound comes out, this indicates a lack of sensitivity. The best way to check the quality of the sampling is obviously to test the piano.

The quality of the amplification is essential to express the sound of the piano. With good amplification, you can increase the volume of the piano without noise or saturation.

The quality of the speakers is complementary to that of the amplification. Entry-level models typically offer two 6-watt speakers, which is a minimum.

All digital pianos are equipped with at least a 6.35 mm headphone jack and a jack input for pedals. A USB output is essential to connect the piano to a computer or to a mobile device in order to use music creation or piano learning software . Depending on the model, there are also MIDI inputs and outputs, 6.35 mm jack outputs (to connect the piano to a sound system) and an auxiliary input (to connect an external player). A bluetooth function allows the digital piano to communicate wirelessly with a mobile device.

Reverb, chorus, delay… The basic effects are generally present on all pianos.

Digital pianos are equipped with more or less numerous additional functions, such as the possibility of recording, the metronome, the transposition and the duo / split functions (separation of the keyboard to play two different instruments or play two).

A digital piano offers at least several piano sounds. But some models integrate sound banks of other instruments (drums, brass, woodwinds, etc.), demos and rhythm tracks. The best is to test a piano to test the quality of these banks of sounds.


1. What is the best digital piano?

We believe the Casio Privia PX-160 is the best low-budget digital piano for beginners. It correctly reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano , and in terms of sonic realism, it ranks among the best in this price category

2. What is the difference between digital piano and synthesizer?

Note that synthesizers require a power source and their keys are unweighted. These are lighter than those of a piano . As for the digital piano , it is equipped with weighted keys. They allow musicians to strengthen the punching power of their fingers

3. What is the best brand of piano?

The best brands of piano expression are in Japan Yamaha (U series and pianos tailed made in Japan), the & Kawai Shigeru Kawai (series average and high range manufactured in Japan), Boston (Japanese manufacturing Steinway & SONS), in Eastern Europe the Bechsteins, the Petroffs and in Germany ...

4. How to choose the right piano?

Look at the underside of the waistband of the grand piano , look for any cracks or lifts are apparent. On an upright piano , see if there is no slit at the back of the box spring or at the top of the dam. Test at the top right and left of the upright piano along the frame to see if the box spring is properly glued.

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