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10 Best Digital Piano Under 300 In April 2022

The need to learn digital piano is getting more attention these days. Choosing a digital piano to study is a very standard job. However, to buy an excellent digital piano product with perfect quality and suitable for current user needs, not everyone has enough experience and knowledge.

With the desire to bring good experiences, valuable articles help those new learn and buy a suitable digital piano. Today we will share the experience of purchasing the best digital piano under 300 so that you can better understand how to choose to buy a digital piano.

Deciding what your Best digital piano under 300 is really challenging. That is the reason why we are here to support you with a list of top 10 products. You don't need to worry about the reliability cause our experts recheck it for you and all products selected from major brands as: Alesis, Donner, Casio, Best choice products, Rockjam, Lotmusic, Zeny, Ilearnmusic, Souidmy.

Maria Lebsack By, Maria Lebsack
  • SUSTAIN PEDAL: Detachable pedal simulates a damper-free sound adjustment, creating notes and tones that can fade gradually or stop suddenly
  • 88 SEMI-WEIGHTED KEYS: Full size digital piano with 88 weight-sensitive keys is the perfect answer for the aspiring musical master with limited floor space
  • Exclusive access to content within the Simply piano application for both iOS and Android devices to assist in learning piano for beginners.
  • The inbuilt stereo speakers on this electric keyboard deliver a powerful 24 Watts of sound.
  • Beginner Friendly: Donner DEP-45 portable digital piano has an 88-key semi-weighted keyboard which has more resistance than an unweighted one. This provides a playing experience that is far more responsive to your touch. It can play fast trills without losing sound. The full-size key, like the acoustic piano, has an adjustable touch response feature to suit your favorite style of play, which helps beginners develop their fingers and quickly master basic skills.
  • Silent Mode & Support Multiple Devices: You can use headphones via the interface or adjust the volume so that you can practice without disturbing others. This electric piano also has a USB MIDI interface, which can connect the piano with the computer or other external devices, you can edit the music with the music software in the device. A sustain pedal is included. If you need to use 3 pedals, you can use the interface to connect your own ones.
  • 36 Tones & 128 Polyphony: Our Semi-Weighted Digital Piano is loaded with 36 types of tone like violin, guitar, bass, etc. vividly presenting voices of different instruments, arousing your keen to learning music. With 128-note max polyphony, built-in metronome (30-240 Beat/minute) sustain pedal, as well as bluetooth (speakers , headphones and APP) connectivity.
  • Full-Weighted Digital Piano: Slim and stylish design with L128.5*W22.5*H8.5, digital piano requires little space and weighs only 9.5Kg.Constructed by 88 full-sized Velocity Sensitive Semi-Weighted keys with adjustable touch response, it allows you to adjust your desired playing style.
  • 【Power Supply Design】-- This 88-key electric piano be powered by power adapter ( included in the package/ available 110V-240V ) making it perfect for use at home. With 128-note max polyphony, players could customize the sounds of your music keyboard and play along with your favorite songs!
  • 【A Perfect Gift】-- It is very convenient for storage and consolidation, a great birthday/ Christmas gift/ festival gift for children, best educational toys for girls and boys! And it is also an ideal gift for beginners and all music lovers!
  • 🎹 Product Specifications: The Dulcette DX-10 comes with a sustain pedal. It can be powered via AC power source and AA batteries (not included). It is 128x23x8.5cm and weights 21lbs.
  • 🎹 Multi-Functional Electric Keyboard: iLearnMusic electronic piano keyboard is a highly functional musical keyboard instrument with multi-functionality including: MIDI/USB Controller Interface, 36 tones, 128 Rhythms, 8 demo songs, built-in metronome (30-240 Beat/minute) sustain pedal, as well as BT (speakers and app) connectivity.
  • KEYBOARD DESIGN - G-110W 88 keys digital piano equipped full-size semi-weighted keyboards, with a sensitive response and quick springback, which is friendly to beginners.
  • FUNCTION INCLUDED - The Souidmy G-110W has wide selection of features include Metronome, Arranger, Transposing and Tuning, Dual Tone, Sound effects and hundreds of built-in sounds, songs and rhythms to play around with.
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Buying Guides

There is a big difference between a simulated electronic keyboard and an excellent digital piano. We will guide you on the points to pay attention to, the advantages that make the value of the best digital piano under 300.

1. Number of keys

Unless you're a DJ or an onboard digital pianist, it would be best for you to buy only the 88-key, the specific number on all pianos. You'll regret buying anything else.

2. Simple features

Let's take a quick look at the speaker setup (does the speaker face the outside of the piano only sound when there's an amp, is there a hole for plugging in headphones? Is there a port that's compatible with your amp or your computer?) There's a lot we're about to do. 

3. Tone Number/Sound

Many digital pianos have collected great samples for the core instruments of the orchestra. Then added a cheap recording only to have the four-digit blinking light on the face to entice buyers. You don't notice. Some of the top digital pianos have multiple sounds. The others are not. More sounds do not result in higher quality.

Instead, it would help if you focus your consideration on the quality of about a dozen basic sounds you'll use. You should try playing a digital piano and compare it with the real piano. You check the bass notes on both cues. Do you find both have the same full sound?

4. Polyphony

That is the number of notes a digital piano can produce at once. One way to make off this is to play a three-note chord. If only one note is heard, the polyphony here is 1.

Digital piano tones are like soulmates: You need standards, but you can't demand perfection. Criticize any machine with a timbre that can only achieve a maximum of 32 notes: 64 notes are acceptable; 128 notes are best; which has 256 notes is probably just a marketing gimmick.

Math-minded readers may wonder, "Why does a digital piano need over 88 keys when a real piano only has 88 keys? Unless you play with a sustain pedal, you'll settle for 64 notes of polyphony. Much progressive music, however, requires the player to maintain all the notes on the piano. You can see 64 notes quickly limited or old notes cut off when playing new ones often. That's why I recommend picking up to 128 notes.

5. Touch response

Many parents don't like music. First, pianists want to focus on the lighting and the LED display while forgetting about the touch response, which is the essential part of your digital piano. When players press down on real piano keys, they feel a specific resistance build up until the internal hammer hits the piano's strings. This classic design offers a wide range of benefits, from dynamics with nuances to technical or powerful. The hammer's resistance allows a pianist's fingers to glide effortlessly over the keys).

6. Heavy keys

This is what you want. Good digital pianos will do anything they can to mimic the hammers of a natural classical piano. If you detect the word "weight", you've got a stronger musical foundation. There is a wide range of qualities within this category, but these products can call themselves "pianos".

Best 3 Pianos

With increasingly advanced technology and competition between brands, it has partly created a rich and diverse digital piano market with a wide selection of models, features, and high applicability. However, a disadvantage for customers is how to choose a perfect guitar that still fits the budget among many different information flows. Therefore, with many years of experience providing quality electronic piano lines, we will advise you to choose the Top 3 best digital piano under 300 today.

1. Roland GO-88P Digital Piano 

They were standing in the list of the top best digital piano under 300 today. Indeed, suppose anyone has a particular passion for digital pianos. In that case, they want to be able to own a Roland-branded piano. Also, one of the famous Japanese guitar brands established in 1972. They often focus on producing high-end piano lines. Therefore, this is always the first choice of professional musicians.

Roland GO-88P digital piano is a cheap digital piano model of the Roland brand in the affordable segment for beginners and children. Key features of the GO-88P piano:

  • 88 note keyboard.
  • A high-quality Bluetooth speaker can connect wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet.
  • The product inherits the unique features and modes of the piano line produced by Roland.
  • The instrument is equipped with many modern functions and modes of play and practice suitable for users.
  • It supports Bluetooth MIDI for tracks.
  • Metronome, Transpose, and recording features for advanced practice.

The Roland GO-88P digital piano is also known as the GO: PIANO88. The product has a compact design with a weight of about 7kg; Can be battery operated. The small size and glossy black finish make GO: PIANO88 more attractive to customers. In general, when you need to buy a cheap digital piano, the Model Piano GO-88P is the perfect choice for you. For beginners, this is the piano model you should be interested in.

2. Alesis Recital Digital Electric Piano

The Alesis Recital Digital Piano for beginners comes with 88 keys. This digital piano is suitable for its price.

Of course, you won't get a weighted keyboard for this price, but Alesis will make up for it with other things. So they created the semi-weighted keyboard. Thanks to that, the guitar may not sound like a million-dollar guitar, but it certainly won't sound like a toy. The thing which is even more interesting is that it comes with up to 128-note polyphony. The fantastic sonic possibilities from this piano are genuinely captivating.

Similar to other compact models, this guitar can operate on two sources. The keyboard is equipped with a charger that can be plugged into an electrical outlet or powered by batteries. You need up to 6 D-size batteries to use without household power.

Moreover, the keyboard has the function of adjusting the response. What does this mean? This means you can customize the sensitivity of the keys at any time. But when used, it also means that these keys are not sensitive. Even for some players, it does not feel sharp enough. That is a minus point.

Finally, this piano is equipped with a USB connection to upload MIDI files or connect other instruments.

3. Best Choice Products 88-Key Digital Piano 

The Best Choice 88-Key is a beautiful and versatile digital piano that can easily replace the acoustic piano in your home. This piano shines with superbly realistic sound, keyboard feel, and pedal response, as well as sturdy construction. Also, elegant styling will make it a stylish focal point in your living room.

Kawai digital pianos are legendary for their excellent keyboard feel, and Best Choice 88-Key lives up to that reputation. The keyboard is equipped with 88 weight-sensitive keys, which is why many people buy this piano. Best Choice has a better hammering effect than any other. The wooden keys on this piano are almost indistinguishable from an acoustic piano.

While packed with many other features, you'd expect from a digital piano. If you're looking for something with lots of digital effects and tonal options, you'll find better ones. another herd. But the Best Choice 88-Key excels as just a piano, and if that's what you're looking for, you'll be hard-pressed to find something better.


1. What is the working principle of the digital piano?

Digital pianos work based on chips' operation and mimic the sound similar to an acoustic piano. It's the perfect combination of variety, keyboard dynamics, and a more aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching shape than an acoustic piano.

The practice has shown that a digital piano's sound is often much better than a traditional piano. Why is that? That's because they have built-in speakers. In addition, the digital piano also has a MIDI output that allows users to connect to a computer with just a few simple steps. You can completely record, edit, add songs, and especially control other instruments.

2. Is it necessary to choose an expensive digital piano for a beginner?

Many of you think that you should buy an expensive digital piano to practice, and later, when you master it, you will play it. However, when choosing this way, you may face some difficulties. That is, if you buy a guitar to practice and play, it will cost you a high initial cost, which is difficult for those who are limited. As for those of you who have the conditions, choosing high-end digital pianos with good sound will be a great thing.

Of course, when owning an expensive digital piano compared to a cheap digital piano, the expensive digital piano will be better and have more functions. However, suppose you are a beginner at learning to play the piano. In that case, it is not necessary to invest in a piano that is too expensive and has many features. It is because you do not need to use it and will waste your investment. The best digital piano under 300 is considered suitable for you in this case.

3. Should beginners buy a digital piano or an acoustic piano?

Suppose you learn piano just for entertainment purposes or do not have too much financial abundance. In that case, you can choose to buy a digital piano. If you want to learn piano and develop your career later with this instrument, you should buy an acoustic piano.

You are choosing which type of piano is just one of many factors that you have to consider. What's important is your passion and hard work, and the other factors are just objective. We hope that this sharing will help you to make the best choice for yourself.

4. How to best maintain the digital piano?

Digital pianos require care, especially if you hope and expect your piano to last for many years. Here, let us tell you a few ways to take care to avoid unnecessary mistakes that damage your beloved digital piano.

  • Choose where to place the piano: Treat the digital piano like any other precious object the same way you put a wooden piano or grand piano. Digital pianos are also susceptible to damage by specific temperatures, water, and even humidity. So choose an appropriate place in the house or in the room to place the digital piano.
  • Use proper cleaning methods: Digital pianos also need to be cleaned. Even the best digital pianos are not entirely immune to damage. Many digital pianos are badly damaged because the customer doesn't know how to clean them properly.
  • Use the original adapter from the manufacturer: Many accidents have occurred due to the plug error or improper plug. You should observe and use the pin properly to protect your digital piano.
  • Use the digital piano properly: Remember that a digital piano is a digital piano. This is a musical instrument, not a display item or used for activities other than playing.


There are many things to consider when you are looking for the best digital piano under 300. To begin with, think about what you're going to use and what kind of music you want to play because digital pianos are specifically designed to mimic the sound and look of an acoustic piano without too many extras. There are also digital pianos that offer authentic piano sound and feel but come with extra sounds and features and can even be portable.

It all depends on your needs, preferences, and budget. This buying guide and other digital piano reviews will give you a good start and point you to the best options available today.

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