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Beyonce Boasts about Success in 'Life is but a Dream' Documentary

  • 2021-07-02 10:58:34
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Beyonce ponders her own greatness in ‘Life is but a Dream’ HBO special.

Lord Voldemort was consumed by his quest for ultimate power and he would have been successful if it wasn’t for those meddling kids. Now, looking this picture of Beyonce, there is no denying that there is a resemblance between her and the Dark Lord, but her comments in her upcoming Life is but a Dream documentary would make you wonder if they are related.

“I had been so commercially successful but it wasn’t enough,” Beyonce proclaimed in the Life is but a Dream special. Yet, the superstar still hasn’t figured out how to express her emotions, despite the fact that has fashioned herself as a brand instead of a human being and made a conscious effort throughout her career to apply her obvious talent to endorsement deal jingles instead of songs with actual meaning. Anybody in the mood for Pepsi, a Direct TV movie or L’Oreal shampoo?

However, Beyonce’s interesting brand of narcissism didn’t end there. Echoing the sentiments she shared in her recent GQ magazine interview, she continued to talk about her love of power. Beyonce’s humility truly knows no bounds.

Life is but a Dream airs via HBO on February 16th at 9pm ET. Watch the latest preview of the show below:


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