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Ciara Leaves Jive Records

  • 11 Jun 2021 00:48
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Ciara has finally been released from Jive Records. The young entertainer had pleaded with her label to void her contract in February following the commercial disaster that was her ‘Basic Instinct’ album and has now gotten her wish.

Although an official press release regarding the situation has yet to be issued, Ciara’s name has quietly been removed from Jive’s current roster of artists. Whether she has joined another imprint under the Epic Label Group as she hinted last month or moved to a label on Universal Music has not been confirmed.


It seems that new developments in Ciara’s career  stagnent career have finally been set into motion. This decision is definitely for the best for her as it would have been almost impossible to continue her tenure on Jive following the tension caused by her struggles for creative control with her last two albums.

Now, the next objective for Ciara is to select a new label. RCA Records is becoming a formidable force but whether she will be able to benefit from that company’s growth is questionable because she will encounter competition with Chris Brown and Britney Spears for resources.

A move to Epic Records might actually be Ciara’s best choice. LA Reid is determined to rebuild the brand and he has already enlisted Usher as well as Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey as future prospects. Hence, Ciara would have little opposition as she seeks attention from A&R executives targeting her current market.

Happy Emancipation Day Ciara!


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