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How to Make a Living as A Piano Accompanist

  • May 20, 2022
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Playing a piano professionally doesn’t necessarily mean that you are playing solo performances at sold out concert halls. Many talented piano players make a substantial living playing as a piano accompanist for other performers.

#Step 1 he first thing you should do if you want to make a living as a piano accompanist is to make your services known around your community. Contact the local schools and tell the band and music teachers that you are available. Talk to the managers at the local concert halls and theaters. You may want to consider placing an ad in the local newspaper. Churches are an excellent place to start playing piano accompaniments.

#Step 2 Once you have a gig playing a piano accompaniment you will want to get a copy of the music you will be playing as quickly as possible.

#Step 3 Meet with the other person or people you will be performing with. Practice performing the musical piece with the other performers. Learn when they tend to slow down, or speed up, and how they interpret the music.

#Step 4 Make sure you have at least 1 practice performance at the place where you will be performing. Get to know the individual building's acoustical properties.

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Hannah Wood By, Hannah Wood
Hannah Wood is a holder of M.M in Performance from Ithaca College and Bachelor’s degree in Music from American University. During the course of her career, he has had the opportunity to be associated with multiple orchestras in various permanent and freelancing roles. Working as a Sub, Regular or at the Violin Section, he has honed her performance, technical and conducting skills and gained competency in combining her musical skills with peers. He is a winner of the American University Concerto Championship and has been recognized as a Concertmaster from the American University Symphony Orchestra. He loves music and taught herself musical instruments such as trumpet, drums, violin. He has a lot of experience in choosing good and affordable musical instruments.
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