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Jason Derulo Talks 'Tattoos' Album & Painfully Performs for Billboard

  • 25 Jun 2021 02:59
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Jason Derulo talks better than he sings

What better place is there to promote a new album than with the chart company that will rank it against the competition? That iss probably what the clever Jason Derulo thought when he sat down with Billboard to talk about the direction of his upcoming Tattoos record, before forcing the staff to listen to him butcher his own music.

After chatting about his neck injury and the painful recovery process, Derulo explained that Tattoos is a piece of art similar to the body ink on his body. However, he didn’t explain exactly why the corresponding cover is a cheap ripoff of Usher’s Looking for Myself or how the cliche “The Other Side” could possibly be considered anything more than generic Pop fodder.

Usher vs Jason Derulo

Speaking of “The Other Side”, Derulo attempted to sing the song live but as usual, everything went wrong from the first note onward. Watch his Billboard spot below:

“The Other Side”

“In My Head”



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