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Jennifer Lopez Announces New Single

  • 10 Jun 2021 12:13
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Jennifer Lopez Announces New Single | The Lava Lizard

Despite scoring one of the biggest hits of her career with ‘On The Floor (Ft. Pitbull)‘, sales of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Love?’ album have stalled. However, the diva may have the remedy for the situation as she lines up a new single and video to support the project.

So what will be the latest song lifted from the LP? Look below for the answer:


Lopez announced that the drum-heavy record, which was initially just an iTunes promo track, will be released as the 3rd official single from ‘Love?’. The accompanying video will be shot later this month as well as an additional video for another song.


This is the perfect choice for a new single! From the drums to the infectious melody of the verses and the uptempo production that is unique from the other Dance/Pop songs on the airwaves, it is a winner in every way. Of course, the possible video concepts will allow Lopez to put her famous dance moves on display.

I’m so happy!


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