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New acoustic silent pianos Yamaha Silent SH/SG2

  • 20 Oct 2021 21:23
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Discover 24 new Yamaha silent piano series

Yamaha proudly announces the launching of 24 new acoustic silent pianos (upright and concert). This Silent technology allows playing on acoustic as well as on silent mode with your headphone plugged in the piano. This is perfectly adapted if you wish to play day and night without awaking your neighbors.

How does a silent piano work

A silent piano is actually a standard piano, where hammers strike the strings to create the sound. In addition, when silent mode is activated, a bar will block the hammers, avoiding strings to be struck. An electronic sensor system will then convert the hammers motion (force, speed, pitch …) into a MIDI signal. The MIDI signal will be played by a sound generator containing all the necessary samples.

Converting the hammers motion into a MIDI signal has several advantages: On the one hand it allows saving what you are playing in a universal light format (MIDI), on the other hand every kind of sampled sound can be used by the sound generator (grand piano, organ B3, harpsichord, church organ, violin...), allowing to play a large variety of sound, which is quite unusual on a standard piano !

Factory settings for the Yamaha SH

- Binaural 3D sound effect
- 256 notes polyphonic sound generator
- 19 sampled sound (Yamaha CFX, Harpsichord, Organ …)
- USB plug in the front
- Record your work on usb (.wav and .mid format).
- 256 Mb RAM
- 1xMIDI Out
- 2 headphones out
- Compatible with iOS and iPad Piano Diary and NoteStar
- Headphone HPH-200 included

Factory settings for the Yamaha SG2

- 64 notes polyphonic sound generator
- 10 sampled sound (Yamaha CFIIIS …)
- USB plug in the front
- Record your work (.mid format).
- 30 Mb RAM
- 1xMIDI Out
- 2 headphones out
- Compatible with iOS and iPad

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