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Roland RD-64 a really mobile hammer-action piano

  • 16 Oct 2021 18:34
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Roland RD-64, good piano, easy transportation

Musicians (pianists in our case) have always been confronted to a cornelian dilemma: with standard instruments available on the market, they constantly had to choose between sound quality and instrument weight. This was true until the Roland RD-64 landed this year in the USA Namm show where it was disclosed.

Weight or quality ? no compromise !

In the past, it was mandatory to have a heavy piano to be allowed to play a hammer action mechanism with a suitable sound. If you ventured to buy a quite light keyboard then it sounded awful. Today things will me much more easier with the RD 64. Roland developed a good compromise between size / weight, good note feeling, comfort on playing, and sound quality. To summarize, pianists will be comfortable by playing this piano and will be delighted by its interesting sound and … its weight of 28,25 lbs (12,7 Kg).

Roland RD-64 characteristics

- 64 keys
- Hammer action
- Supernatural sound.
- Sound bank : Accoustic piano, electric piano, other Roland’s sounds... all what pianists mainly need. 12 presets.
- Polyphony 128
- iPad friendly (no driver required)
- Roland style pitch/mod wheel
- D-Beam infrared control.
- Multi-effect
- Equalizer
- Reverb
- No speaker
- No amplifier
- No sequencer
- 1 Damper pedal
- 2 Switch / expression pedals
- Audio in : 1x stereo RCA
- Audio out : 2 x 1/4" Jack, 1 x 1/4" headphone
- Midi out


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Hannah Wood By, Hannah Wood
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